Greg is a unique, refreshing, and inspiring entertainer.  His warm voice and friendly smile have drawn in television audiences for years, but it’s his story that continues to encourage.  Greg was born without a left arm and was one of the youngest children fit with a prosthetic limb, or “hook.”

As an athlete, Greg has been captured by the cameras of ESPN and Wide World of Sports for ski racing, played at the World Cup Soccer Tournament with the U.S. Amputee exhibition team, and appeared in the pages of Golf Digest for hitting a "one-handed" hole in one. As if that wasn’t enough, he also gained a reputation as an accomplished singer and entertainer, sharing the stage with many major acts and producing three solo CD’s as well. 




His career took a major turn in 2007 as the station he worked for eliminated the news and its staff, leaving Greg without a job.  Seeing life in a positive light, he took that as an opportunity to take his successful freelance career full time.


Greg continues to build on his background as a voice actor, voice-over artist, and singer.  He is a vocal chameleon, able to emulate a variety of character voices and also imperSINGate many popular singers and styles from Jazz to R & B, Oldies and Classics to Country, Retro to Alternative Rock… and many more.  Just give him a challenge. 

(see for samples.)


The story is “ be continued, as he continues to build on the experience below.

Text Box: It made him a spectacle as a child, but his life as an adult would invite even more stares.

Largest Live Performance VenuesCreationfest, Sonfest, Back to the Blues Festival, National Anthem at Safeco Field for the Seattle Mariners to over 30,000 fans.


Major Music / Jingles promotingSeinfeld, One Moment in America - Salem Network,

Seattle Mariners, “Road Sense” ICBC – Canada, KVOS-TV, Rush Limbaugh.


Other Musical Performance Highlights : Singing at St Anne’s Church-Jerusalem, & Rock of Our Salvation Church-Chicago, recording at the old Gold Mine and production at The Sound Kitchen Studios-Nashville, “Mary Did You Know” beating Elvis’ “Blue Christmas” as one of the most requested Christmas songs of 2007/08.


Voice-Over Products / Clients promotedDisney's "Cinderella”, “Monsters Inc.”, and “Beauty & the Beast” for Kidstuff, KVOS – “Prime Time Movie”, Cheap Tickets-Canada, The Greater Vancouver Zoo.


Television AppearancesKVOS as a News Weatherman/Anchor/Reporter, WeatherView / SkiView Reporter, KING-TV (NBC affiliate) on Evening Magazine and Christmas in the Northwest TV special in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, KSTW-TV news, NWCN-TV, KIRO-TV (CBS affiliate), and The Journey Christmas TV Special with a broadcast reach of up to 1.5 billion households worldwide.

Phone: 360.961.0168




To become a successful part of the story, contact Greg for hire at:

Greg also turned his talent into a career in broadcasting.  Success behind the camera turned to opportunities in front, resulting in leading roles as Weatherman, Reporter, and News Anchor. The pattern of personal triumphs gradually changed those stares of curiosity into intrigue about the person and the story behind him.